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Starting as a nine year old at Irene Farm, near Pretoria, I have spent most of my life around horses. After many years of riding at the highest international level, with fantastic training along the way, I now enjoy working one-to-one to create greater understanding and trust between horse and rider. With the growing interest and expansion of the discipline of classical dressage, this takes me to some wonderful places to coach a wide variety of aspiring and successful riders.

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I have been successful in South Africa at the highest level, winning the SA Championships many times. Internationally I competed successfully in major CDI’s and the German National level for nineteen years. More>>

My studies in Clinical and Sport Psychology have been invaluable for my coaching goals and ambition to keep developing my students to the very best of their ability. More>> 



With a focus on the classical principles of both Dressage and Western Horsemanship, Natalie’s clinics are popular amongst riders that are wanting to add refinement and precision to their horsemanship – regardless of their current level of development or their horse’s breed.

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Suzanne HaywoodSuzanne HaywoodBCom Hons (Investment Management)
CA(SA) Business Strategist,
(South Africa)

I started attending Natalie’s clinics here in South Africa in 2004 as a novice dressage rider with my 3 year old horse Riverdance who I rode up to Medium in competition as well as establishing super piaffe and passage with him prior to passing him on to a junior as a schoolmaster. Natalie also sourced my current horse Shakira from Germany – the most amazingly talented, kind and rideable horse I could be blessed with. Since then, Shakira has won the titles Supreme Champion South African Warmblood in both the in-hand and ridden classes at our National Horse of the Year Show. She was also the overall winner of the SA Dressage Challenge at Medium level – a national competition judged by international judges travelling across the country. We are now competing in Prix St George classes and are training well in the piaffe and passage. Natalie’s values system is beyond reproach and her training philosophy puts the horse’s welfare squarely first. She is a stickler for quality of groundwork through every movement. She has an incredible feel when teaching and is able to ‘ride through you’, teaching you timing, effectiveness of aids and lightness. Natalie works closely in collaboration with my local instructor at each clinic to compose a structured and progressive exercise program going forward. I look forward to every clinic to show the work we have done and to learn more!

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Holly BrownHolly BrownStudent at Exeter university studying
BA Philosophy and Theology,
(Exeter UK)

Amongst many other wins and placings, Holly won the Area Festival at advanced medium 2014; Junior reserve champion at the Home International 2013; Qualified and competed at the National Dressage Championship in 2013 and 2014 and qualified for again for 2015). She is on her way to Prix St Georg. “Natalie has been training my horse (Sigurd aka Smurf) and I since he was six and I was seventeen. She has transformed us from a nervous, inexperienced pair into a confident partnership and has taken us from Novice to Advanced Medium in 3 years. Natalie is always positive giving clear ‘homework’ and goals to guide my riding between clinics. Her training has made Smurf a happier athlete, which is all I could ask for from a trainer.

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Silvia Brunke-BuckSilvia Brunke-BuckQualified Breeder & Riding Instructor.
Successful on Regional competitions
in Germany

Bei Natalie reite ich seit ca. 9 Jahren. Ich liebe ihren Unterricht, weil sie sich besonders gut auf jedes einzelne Pferd einstellen kann. Sie erkennt auf Anhieb die Stärken und Schwächen eines Pferdes,um es dann individuel auszubilden. Für Natalie gilt nie,den schnellsten Ausbildungsweg zu finden,sondern den besten für das Pferd.Als ich mit meinem Wallach Leonidas bei Natalie anfing,hatte er sehr starke Rückenprobleme.Mit ihrer Hilfe konnte ich ihn bis zu Lektionen der Klasse M reiten. Natalie kann dem Reiter auf so wunderbare Weise den Weg bis zur absoluten Losgelassenheit vermitteln.Sie hat eine unheimliche positive Einstellung die auch sehr motiviert. Nach einer Reitstunde bei ihr sind Reiter und Pferd locker und zufrieden. Ich bin sehr glücklich, eine Ausbilderin wie Natalie gefunden zu haben.

“I have been riding with Natalie for 9 years. I love her lessons especially because she can adapt to suit every horse’s needs. She immediately recognises each horses strengths and weaknesses, to adjust the training accordingly. Natalie is not interested in the fastest way to train a horse, rather the best way for the particular horse.

When I started with Natalie with my gelding, Leonardo, he had terrible problems with his back. With her help we turned him successfully into an M horse. Natalie in her wonderful way, can get the rider, to achieve absolute suppleness. She has an incredibly positive attitude and is highly motivated.After her lessons are both horse and rider relaxed and satisfied. I am so happy to have found an instructor like Natalie. “

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Gesche KleinGesche KleinTeacher and successful on regional
competitions in Germany

Bevor ich Natalie in 1999 kennen lernte, wusste ich nuer theoretisch, dass Reiten nichts mit Ziehen, Treten und einem mauligen Pferd zu tun hat. Aber erst ihr Unterricht zeigte mir, wie viel Spass es macht, wenn das Pferd freudig mitarbeit und seine Leistung freiwillig zu geben und auch zu steigern beriet ist.Natalie zeigt stetig die Bedeutung der Grundlagenarbeit und wie leicht die Pferd damit auch schwierige Lektionen erlernen oder verbessern. Mit ihre Hilfe konnte ich 2 grundlegend unterschiedliche Pferde bis Inter 1/S ausbilden. Dabei half mir ihre unvergleichliche Art, die Probleme der Pferd in kuerzester Zeit zu erkennen und mit exakter Hilfestellung, dem Pferd angepasst, zu verbessern oder ganz zu beheben. Die Erfahrung, ein losgelassesnes Pferd mit leichter Hilfengebung zu arbeiten, zu erspueren, wie erhaben sich die Durchlaessigkeit anfuehlt, ist ein Gluecksmoment, den ich Natalie zu bedanken habe. Vielen, vielen Dank fuer Natalie fuer Deine zuverlaessige und immer motivierende Unterstuetzung bei der Arbeit mit meinen Pferd. Ohne dich weiss ich nicht, ob ich heute noch reiten wuerde.

“Before I met Natalie in 1999, I only knew theoretically, that pulling, kicking, and stiff, strong horses had nothing to do with dressage. Her lessons taught me how much fun a happy horse, who works with and for the rider, gives of itself and allows its education for be furthered.Natalie repeatedly shows the meaning and value of the basics and how light and easily a horse can learn difficult movements as a result.With her help I have trained to completely opposite horses up to Inter 1. Her incomparable help  showed me how to recognise the problems immediately, and develop the training accordingly, to improve their weaknesses and even resolve problems completely.The experience of riding and feeling , a relaxed and supple horse which is light on the aids, is an experience I have Natalie to thank.My thanks to Natalie for her reliable and permanently motivating support with my horses."

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Lisanda EayrsLisanda EayrsBusiness Owner, Banker & trainer /
rider, (UAE-Dubai)

Lisanda is a multiple times champion at medium  in UAE and competed to PSG. Pupils won prelim FEI level and Junior Championships.Natalie has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals…..from finding me my dream horse to arranging for clinics in Dubai and doing training sessions over video.From the beginning when I contacted Natalie out of nowhere with regards to purchasing a horse, she has been invaluable, her knowledge and enthusiasm are profound.Her training is absolutely the best I have had, being very classical, yet taking the modern sport into consideration. Natalie never skips over the basics and makes sure the foundations are in place before moving on, however she is always positive and never discouraging. I never leave my lessons with anything less than a craving for more.Natalie’ s, explanation of the classical principles she applies in her teaching technique are clear and well thought out and makes them understandable to anyone from Novice to professional.Natalie has always gone above and beyond whenever I have asked for help of any nature and I would recommend anyone who has a deep yearning and clear passion for horses to approach Natalie for lessons

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Prof Helen ApsimonProf Helen ApsimonMA PhD CBE, (UK)

An old age pensioner novice rider with an ambition to “compete at dressage”, and a horse that was too much for her (and not easy either), must have been a daunting prospect. But not for Natalie, whose systematic and progressive teaching has taken us far further than I ever dreamed of, and given us lots of pleasure and sense of achievement on the way. It has also helped to keep a sound and happy horse, so that last year with a combined age of 94 we were competing successfully at advanced medium. This year, with Max now 23, we are setting our sights on an Advanced 100 test!”

Corina MahnCorina MahnPharmacist and successful
Amateur rider on national shows
in Germany up till Inter 1

Ich besitze 2 Pferde. Natalie Hobday kenne ich seit mehr als 10 Jahren. In dieser Zeit habe ich mit ihrer Hilfe beide Pferde ausgebildet,und war in mehreren Prüfungen in M , S ,St Georg bis Inter 1 platziert.Das war eine wunderbare Zeit. Das jüngere Pferd ist jetzt 8,ich habe ihn 4 jährig gekauft und er war im Jahr 2014 mehrere Male M platziert ,davon 1 Mal gewonnen.Das alles habe ich mit Natalies feinfühligem Unterricht und Beritt erreicht. Ihre Art Reiter und Pferd zu motivieren ist einfach super. Wir haben immer viel Spaß miteinander und frueue mich weiterhin miteinander zu arbeiten.

“I am the owner of 2 horses. I have known and had lessons from Natalie for more than 10 years during which time, with her help, I have trained and successfully competed the older horse up till Inter 1. It was a wonderful time. The younger horse, now 8, has been placed a number of times and won M. I would not have managed this success without Natalie’s sensitive teaching and periods of having the horses in training. Her manner and way of motivating both horse and rider is simply brilliant. We always have a lot of fin, and I am so happy to be able to continue with her."

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Mary Wynn-WilliamsMary Wynn-WilliamsAmateur Rider,

I have been training with Natalie for over ten years. I am an amateur rider and never having been to a major competition before I met Natalie, she has helped me train my horse from Novice level to Inter 1 and I have qualified for the regionals every year since I started training with her and been placed too. Natalie teaches with such enthusiasm and has a genuine interest in all her clients. Watching her lessons are inspirational as one can clearly see a marked improvement in the horses’ way of going by the end of the session. I cannot recommend Natalie highly enough as a Dressage trainer.

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Daniela BugleDaniela BugleEngineer & successful “S“-level
dressage rider (Germany)

Ich hatte das Glück, mit mehreren komplett unterschiedlichen Pferden bei Natalie reiten zu dürfen. Sie hat mir von auf dem Wege zur M-Dressur bis mehrfach S- gewonnen und Inter 1 plaziert. Sie hat mir beigebracht Das Gefühl in mein Pferd zu hören, mich auf den Takt, den Schwung, die Losgelassenheit zu konzentrieren und mit meinem Pferd eins zu werden. Natalie hat mir die Leichtigkeit des Reitens vermittelt! Nie zuvor habe ich mein Pferd so wahr genommen und erst im Training mit Natalie wurde mir bewusst, wie sehr ich den Bewegungsablauf meiner Pferde positiv verändern konnte. Nicht die Lektionen sind das wichtige, sondern die Basisarbeit – die Perfektion des Bewegungsablaufes im Einklang mit der Durchlässigkeit und Losgelassenheit. Und genau das ist Natalies Spezialgebiet. In jedem Training wurden meine Pferde besser und besser, ich weiss nicht wie sie es macht, aber aus jedem Training ging ich mit meinem Pferd positiv heraus. Wir haben es gemeinsam geschafft, innerhalb von knapp 2 Jahren aus einem 6 Jährigen unplazierten und sehr schwierigen Pferd, eine Pferd zu machen, welches sich in dieser kurzen Zeit unglaublich entwickelt hat und zum Ende dieser Turniersaison 6 M-Plazierungen, darunter 2 X 2. Plätz er ritten hat. Ich bin sehr froh, dass ich Dir auf diesem Wege für Natalies‘ unermüdliche Hilfe und Unterstützung danken kann.

“I have been fortunate to train with Natalie, with a number of different horses. With Natalie I developed from an almost M rider to a winning S rider with placings in Inter 1. Natalie has taught me to "listen" to my horse, and to concentrate on rhythm, impulsion, suppleness and to become "one" with my horse. Natalie has taught me the "lightness" of riding. Before, I had never put as much thought into my horses, and how the whole mechanics and way of going can be positively changed. It is not movements that are important, rather the basics. The suppleness and elasticity is Natalies specialty. My horses improve in every lesson, and I don‘t know how she does it, but I always leave with a positive horse. Natalie and I managed within 2 years to take a unschooled, very difficult 6 year old, and turn him into a winning M on his way to S!!! I am very grateful to have Natalie‘s tireless help and support“

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Sandra HavemeyerSandra HavemeyerProject Manager for Biotechnology.
Successful up to M** in Germany

Ich habe mit sehr unterschiedlichen Pferden bei Natalie trainiert und konnte diese erfolgreich bis M-Niveau vorstellen. Dabei hat Natalie die Stärken und Schwächen der Pferden schnell erkannt und die passenden Tipps für den jeweiligen Ausbildungsweg gegeben, so dass wir uns stetig weiter entwickeln konnten und können. Dabei liegt der Fokus immer auf der Grundlagenarbeit. Erst wenn die Basis stimmt, werden Lektionen erlernt oder verbessert.Besonders möchte ich Natalie´s positive Grundeinstellung während des Trainings hervorheben, durch die sie mich sehr motiviert. Man geht mit einem guten Gefühl aus dem Training und mit der Motivation an das Gelernte anzuknüpfen. Es macht mir viel Spaß mit Natalie zu trainieren und ich freue mich auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit.

“I have trained successfully on horses with significantly various problems to M level with Natalie. She is able to quickly identify their strengths and weaknesses and adapt the training accordingly to to able to develope their training progress steadily. The focus is always on the basics. Only when the basics are solid enough, are the movements developed or improved. I find Natalies positive attitude throughout the training, very motivating and always leave the lessons with a positive feeling about what I have learnt. It is always fun to train with Natalie and I look forward to continuing to working together. "

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Sara AarnioSara AarnioInternational Dressage rider &
Business Development Manager,
(London UK)

Training with Natalie has  been a huge benefit. Her extensive experience and understanding of the sport at the top level is beyond valuable, not only in the training at the higher level, but also from a psychological aspect as a competitor. Natalie has put a great deal of work and research into the sport which comes across in the training in the most classical way. There are no short cuts yet Natalie continues to  push us to better our capabilities towards the international levels. I could not value or recommend her more.

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Johnny HilberathJohnny HilberathGerman National Coach, German
Champion, World Class International
Trainer/ Rider, (Germany)

Natalie’s personal achievements in South Africa and over the 18 years in Germany include having competed and been consistently well placed, at all major CDI’s and Championships in central Europe, as well as winning Grand Prix. She also has ridden many other placings’ on a national level, gaining respect and making a good name for herself. She has spent a lot of time over the years at international competitions, competing, watching and communicating with top international trainers, so has a broad knowledge of the European training techniques. In my stable, she has had the opportunity, over the years to follow the training of many horses from novice throughout their education to Grand Prix, and has also ridden many horse at my stable, at all levels, a number of which she had educated herself up to Grand Prix level. She has therefore, a vast knowledge and personal involvement in the German training system.

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Karmelia GreaseleyKarmelia GreaseleyAmateur Rider,
(UAE -Dubai)

Natalie was introduced to us by my instructor here in Dubai. My family travelled to Germany to meet Natalie to purchase a horse. She was very professional, organised and knowledgeable in helping us find the right suitable special horse, which I am a very happy proud owner of.I participate in the dressage clinics which Natalie gives in Dubai. After a weekend clinic you can see the improvement in myself and my horse, and there are always clear goals to be achieved for her next clinic. Natalies approach to teaching is very unique, she really works with each individual to bring out the best in them, she is a very positive and motivating instructor. Natalie is most professional in all levels and really shows her love for her teaching and riding. I always leaves her lesson looking forward to the next one. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with Natalie and look forward to more years of her knowledge and continued support.

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Sara GarveSara GarveFinancial Director/ Amateur rider,

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Natalie in the UK 3 years ago, and have been training with her ever since. Although I had trained my horses to Advanced level (competing at PSG), the issue was always in my basics, whether it was the quality of the engagement behind, the honesty of the contact or my understanding of the canter affecting the changes. Essentially my understanding of how it should all feel was flawed and I needed to improve the quality of the basics and my understanding / feel. Natalie’s tuition has been instrumental in helping me reach a new level with both my horses driven by her patience in explaining the riders aid combined with the physiology of the horse, her encouragement to try different things when appropriate but to also persevere with simple basics that are the foundation of classical riding and her unerring drive and commitment to help her pupils reach their goals. Natalie’s love of horses and belief that the horse’s welfare is best served by correct training is at the heart of all her work. I genuinely believe that with Natalie’s help I have started to develop the knowledge and understanding that will enable me train and compete my horses to a level that I would otherwise never have achieved.

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Candice HobdayCandice Hobday Business owner, dressage instructor,
International Grand Prix Rider,
(South Africa)

Natalie Hobday has been Candice’s instructor since she was a junior on her extremely successful horse Plumberry Hill. Natalie has been an integral part of the development of Candice’s dressage career. The classical instructing system and international influence that Natalie has given, has equipped Candice with the foundation to produce her current horse, Filina (an imported mare), to Grand Prix, being placed in CDI***in 2013/14. Candice and Filina have won all the major titles including the SA individual and Musical Kur championship. This combination has also won the FEI dressage world challenge and has represented their SANEF and their province on numerous occasions

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Roseanne FitzgeraldRoseanne FitzgeraldSuccessful amateur rider up till Prix
St George on regional, national
and home international, (UK)

I have had the privilege of training with Natalie from her first UK clinic in 2000 until now.Natalie has the extraordinary skill of imparting her knowledge in ways that both the keen amateur and professional rider can understand. Her primary concern is always for the welfare of the horse and she has never been a “push n’ pull” trainer. She has endless patience and manages to produce a classical and harmonious relationship between her pupils and their horses like no other. Within a few months of training with Natalie, I qualified Magic Moment for his first Summer Regionals at Novice. An achievement that I had struggled with for years before, but never managed to attain. Magic Moment then qualified in the Open Section every year thereafter all the way up to Advanced Medium, and his highest achievement was being part of the Team for the Home International, for England. He was competing PSG before he tragically had to be put down. His replacement, Catherston Sancy, started competing lightly last year and qualified for Novice Petplan, with qualifying sheets every time out! I am so lucky to have Natalies’ help in producing this promising youngster from the start and we have great hopes for the mare in the future. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her dedication to her pupils and their goals is phenomenal, and the clever way in which she gently moves the goalposts, always higher, is inspirational.Since training with her I have learnt so much, and my only regret is that I wasn’t able to train the “Natalie Way” 30 years ago!

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Antje and Silja(12) Antje and Silja(12) Greimsmann, Tack Shop owner &
amateur rider, (Germany)

Ich reite seit mindestens 15 Jahren bei Natalie. In dieser Zeit habe ich mit Ihrer Hilfe, zwei Pferde bis zu M und S Lektionen ausgebildet. Mit meinem jetzigen Pferd, habe ich ländliche M-Dressur gewonnen und wir könnten uns jetzt in S-Dressuren versuchen. Ohne Natalies Hilfe hätte ich das bestimmt nicht geschafft. Sie ist einfach eine tolle Frau und eine noch bessere Trainerin. Seit dem Frühjahr 2014 reitet auch meine Tochter Silja erfolgreich bei Ihr.

“I have been riding with Natalie for at least 15 years. During this time, with her help, I have trained 2 horses to M and S. With my present horse I have many places as well as won M, and we hope to try S this year. Without Natalie’s help I would never have managed to reach this point. She is a wonderful person and an even better trainer. Since Spring 2014, my daughter Silja is also riding successully with Natalie“

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