Alongside my sporting career, I have variously held and continue to give clinics in Germany, Italy, USA, UK, South Africa and United Arab Emirates. My students include children and adults of all ages, ranging from serious amateur riders, professionals and team riders on a regional, national and international level. I was especially pleased to coach a para-rider and an event rider, both of whom were short-listed for the 2012 Olympics.I have coached many of my students through the levels from Novice up to Grand Prix, providing classical training, a training base in Germany for more intensive periods, as well as psychological skills training to improve peak performance. This includes helping to set realistic goals, training plans, pre-performance routines, visualisation techniques, relaxation techniques, and post-performance assessment. More >>

In January 2015 I was appointed as South Africa’s first National Dressage Team Coach and received my National Colours for the second time in August 2015, this time for my role as National Coach.

In January 2016 I was appointed by the FEI, responsible for Group 9 to deliver the FEI ESEE Programme (Coach Development).

LANGUAGES: English, German, Italian, Afrikaans.