I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Natalie in the UK 3 years ago, and have been training with her ever since. Although I had trained my horses to Advanced level (competing at PSG), the issue was always in my basics, whether it was the quality of the engagement behind, the honesty of the contact or my understanding of the canter affecting the changes. Essentially my understanding of how it should all feel was flawed and I needed to improve the quality of the basics and my understanding / feel. Natalie’s tuition has been instrumental in helping me reach a new level with both my horses driven by her patience in explaining the riders aid combined with the physiology of the horse, her encouragement to try different things when appropriate but to also persevere with simple basics that are the foundation of classical riding and her unerring drive and commitment to help her pupils reach their goals. Natalie’s love of horses and belief that the horse’s welfare is best served by correct training is at the heart of all her work. I genuinely believe that with Natalie’s help I have started to develop the knowledge and understanding that will enable me train and compete my horses to a level that I would otherwise never have achieved.