I started attending Natalie’s clinics here in South Africa in 2004 as a novice dressage rider with my 3 year old horse Riverdance who I rode up to Medium in competition as well as establishing super piaffe and passage with him prior to passing him on to a junior as a schoolmaster. Natalie also sourced my current horse Shakira from Germany – the most amazingly talented, kind and rideable horse I could be blessed with. Since then, Shakira has won the titles Supreme Champion South African Warmblood in both the in-hand and ridden classes at our National Horse of the Year Show. She was also the overall winner of the SA Dressage Challenge at Medium level – a national competition judged by international judges travelling across the country. We are now competing in Prix St George classes and are training well in the piaffe and passage. Natalie’s values system is beyond reproach and her training philosophy puts the horse’s welfare squarely first. She is a stickler for quality of groundwork through every movement. She has an incredible feel when teaching and is able to ‘ride through you’, teaching you timing, effectiveness of aids and lightness. Natalie works closely in collaboration with my local instructor at each clinic to compose a structured and progressive exercise program going forward. I look forward to every clinic to show the work we have done and to learn more!